Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Light Blue

Light blue swoops down and lifts me into it’s embrace,
And I am lost in memories,
Of clear lakes and cloudless skies. 
It is nameless and fleeting, 
Like a freshwater fish,
Darting swiftly through the current.
It sings a song of laughter,
Harmonizing with a bubbling creek. 
Nothing could anger it,
Or make it harden it’s soft shell.  
It swims in the streams,
Laughing the way only children know how to laugh. 
It holds on to it’s youth forever,
Never really growing up.
It is a collection of moments, 
Summer days that have never been forgotten. 

Candy Sky

Powder blue cotton candy,
Stretching outwards forever. 
It’s soft edges hug the horizon. 
Bits of white are strewn across it,
Clinging lazily to the heavens.
The lemon head sun sinks behind the hills,
And the puffs of sugar change. 
Blue pixie stick fades to the color of grape soda,
Vanilla to bubble gum,
And grey to a cherry cough drop. 
Beauty swarms over the sky,
A rainbow of sugary treats.     

A Wave

The damp sand hugs my feet,
Slipping between my toes.
A wave rushes in on me,
Seeming angry and upset. 
Its churning waters snarl at me,
Reaching to grab me and take me away. 
Its fluid blue arms are wrapped around me,
But there is no rage in its heart.  
It laughs merrily,
Cradling my tired legs. 
I can’t help but smile with it. 
The ocean takes a deep breath,
Pulling the wave back into its depths.
I run after it,
Yearning to hold it in my arms,
But it is already gone.                   

Moments Cherished

Young bird sings sweetly,
Chirps a song of summer days.
I cherish this tune.

Flame red sun rises,
Tearing away the darkness.
I cherish this light. 

Lemonade and ice,
Melting the thick heat away.
I cherish this taste. 

Sand beneath toes,
Comforting my weary feet.  
I cherish this feel. 

Fish cooked to delight,
Spiced with delectable herbs. 
I cherish this taste. 

Moments of pure bliss,
Glorious flashes of joy. 
I cherish these days.