Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dialouge: Try 1

(Ama is sitting in rocking chair reading. Miri is on the floor playing with doll. Kari is writing something in a diary. Stanley is reading newspaper in arm chair. All in living room)
Ama:(sitting in arm chair, reading book. Addresses Miri) Time for bed, butterfly.
Miri: (sitting on the floor, playing with porcelain doll) But mama, I want to stay up late like everyone else!
Ama: (smiles) Little butterflies must go to bed early so they have energy in the morning.
Miri: (pouting) But Kari doesn’t have to go to bed, and she’s not a grown-up yet!
Kari: (aloof) Yes, Miri, but I’m 10 years old. Thats 4 whole years older then you. Maybe when you’re 10 like me you can stay up late too.
Ama: You should be getting to bed too, Kari.
Kari: Mama, That’s not fair! I’m big enough to stay up with you guys! Right Daddy?
Stanley: (looks up from paper) Listen to your mother.
Miri: (yawning) No way! I’m not tired! (folds arms defiantly)
Ama: Okay, then. Stay up as late as you want. But you won’t get the special treat. It will go to some other little girl.
Miri:(suddenly interested) Special treat?
Ama: yes, butterfly, a very special treat. I’ll go and buy it for you tomorrow. Something very sugary and sweet!
Miri. Okay! (Miri runs up stairs, doll under her arm)
Kari: That may work on her, but I won’t fall for it anymore. 
Ama: Didn’t you say you wanted that new CD? Because I saw a copy of it at the store today...
Kari: Would you really get it for me?
Ama: Yes, but you said you’re too big to go to bed early, so I guess you’re also too big for me to get you the CD. Oh well...
Kari: Okay, okay! You win! I’ll go to bed! (storms upstairs, carrying diary)
Stanley: (peering out from behind the newspaper) Well done Ama. I thought they were gonna win you over for sure!
Ama: Yes, I am good at getting them to bed.
Stanley: (standing up and folding newspaper) Lets go tuck them in.
Ama: (closing book) That is a brilliant idea.
(the lights fade out as Ama and Stanley walk up the stairs.)

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  1. I love this alot(even though i didnt read it!!)