Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Journey by Night

               Wheels roll over a gravelly rode as deep-blue paint peels off of the bus. The moon illuminates the windows of the ever-moving vehicle. Heads on glass, two woman sleep, hoping dawn brings a destination.
               The face of one is smooth and sweet, glowing with gentle youth. She is eagerly taking her first steps into the real world. She runs from place to place, wanting to experience it all, to take it all in. Tonight, she grows up, leaving her childhood in a cloud of dust.
              The face of the other is lined with pain. She has seen the world, and walked on the filthy streets of thousands of cities. For each strand of gray hair, she has a story to tell of her past, of the people who danced in and out of her life, never stopping to say hello. Clouded memories roam aimlessly through her soul, each one stooped in exhaustion, each one yearning to rest. Tonight, her final wish is granted. Tonight, she journeys home.

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