Monday, October 17, 2011

My Character

Character Questionaire

  1. Name: Jenna Ross Daniels
  1. Age: 28
  1. Height: short
  1. Eye color: grey
  1. Physical appearance: 
long, straight, light brown hair. Slight figure. Rosy cheeks. She's stunning, especially when wearing autumn colors.
  1. Strange or unique physical appearance: 
  1. Hobbies/interests: 
She always did well in school without acting nerdy or anything like that, but she didn’t like it. Even though she excelled in math, she found it to confining. There was always a right answer and a wrong answer. She’s the kind of girl who needs lots of space to do her thing. She love to draw pictures, especially graphic novels. She is spectacular at this, and wants to make her own graphic novel and get it published.
  1. Where does he or she live? What is it like there? 
She was raised in New York, in an apartment. She didn’t like living in an apartment very much. She went to college at University of Illinois, staying in an apartment with some friends, then moved to a suburb outside of Chicago when she got married. She stays home with Isabelle.
  1. Special skills/abilities: 
Besides being an outstanding artist, she is smart with computers, in a totally non-nerdy way.
10. Family (describe): 
She is married to Ryan Daniels. They were got married when she was 24, and he was 25. Ryan is now 29. Ryan is a lawyer. They are happy together. They have a two year old girl named Isabelle, who they absolutely adore. She has began to talk and walk and use a normal bathroom in the past year.
  1. Description of his or her house: 
She lives in a Chicago suburb. Her house is two stories, with a large backyard. It is painted white. On the first floor is the kitchen, (connected to the living room) the living room, the dining room, and the guest bedroom. The first floor also connects to the garage, and has one bathroom. The first and second floor are connected by one staircase that connects, on the first floor, to the area when you first open the door. When you get to the top of the stairs, there is another living space, with a Ping-Pong table. There are four doors coming out of there. One leads to Isabelle’s room, which looks like it someone took a bucket of pinkness and poured it all over the place. In the middle is a bed with Disney princess covers and a million different stuffed animals. She has her own bathroom connected. Another door leads to Jenna’s office, which is strewn with papers and sketches. In the center is a desk with a computer, and a swivel chair in which Jenna spends most of her time spinning. The other door leads to Ryan’s office, which is exactly like Jenna’s office except it is neat and organized, and the swivel chair is neatly tucked in. The last door leads to Jenna and Ryan’s room.
  1. Description of his or her bedroom: 
Jenna and Ryan sleep in the master bedroom of their house. There is a connected bathroom. The bed has a red comforter with brown stitching and similar pillows. The walls are painted brown, and there is a brown fuzzy rug on the floor. Above their bed, their is a family portrait in a heart-shaped frame. There is a night stand on either side of the bed. Each one puts their stuff, such as photos and jewelry, on the nightstand on the side of the bed that they sleep in every night.
  1. Favorite bands/songs/type of music: 
Jenna hates country music, but she generally likes pop stuff. She’s not into rock, but she likes Coldplay.
  1. Favorite movies: 
Likes the idea of whole idea of TRON and TRON Legacy. Likes to watch anime movies, not because of the plot, but so she can look at the characters. Animated movies intrigue her. Emotional, heart wrenching movies cause her to break down and start sobbing in movie theaters. Likes action and adventure movies. 
  1. Favorite TV shows:
Likes funny TV shows, such as modern family or raising hope. Hates anything involving vampires. Hates the news.
  1. Favorite books: 
She loves emotional books, though she often breaks down at the end, so she only reads them in bed. She like adventurous books that have a “man verse nature” theme. 
  1. Favorite foods:
Likes it spicy. Likes Indian and thai food. Likes homey food, like mac and cheese and hot cocoa and chili. 
  1. Favorite sports/sports teams: 
Jenna did not particularly enjoy sports before meeting Ryan, so she follows who he follows. Her favorite sport is baseball, and her team is the cubs.
  1. Political views: 
Usually votes democrat. Doesn’t watch the news, but Ryan watches it sometimes and tells her about candidates or things being put on the ballot.
20. Any interesting philosophies on life? 
In a graphic novel, there isn’t always a happy ending. The same is true with life. Some will win, and some will lose.
21. Religion: 
The family celebrates Christmas and Easter, because it’s fun for Isabelle, but they never go to church. Their pretty much atheists with holidays.
22. Physical health: 
She’s healthy and active, and has managed to stay slim after giving birth to Isabelle. She tries to eat health, often settling for a salad for lunch.
  1. Pet peeves:
People who are nit-picky and neat and have upturned nose about it. (unless it’s Ryan.)
Questions Part II 
  1. Favorite clothing style/outfit:
Dark jeans with brown leather boots, an orange shirt, a brown sweater, and a scarf.
  1. Special gestures/movements (i.e., curling his or her lip when he or she speaks, always keeping his or her eyes on the ground, etc.):
She bites her lip when she’s thinking or when she’s nervous.
  1. Things about his or her appearance he or she would most like to change: 
She wishes she were taller, so people weren’t always talking down to her or thinking she was sixteen years old.
  1. Speaking style (fast, talkative, monotone, etc.):
She’s talkative in a very non-annoying way.
5. Fondest memory: 
She’s 22 years old, about to graduate college. She goes into a bar with some friends. Because she is so short, someone asks to see her ID. Realizing she forgot it at home, she tells them she’s 22, and she’s just short. A bar tender asks her to leave. Ryan, seeing the commotion, comes over and talks to bar tender. Apparently, they are friends. Ryan says he is a friend of Jenna, and that she is 22 years old. The bar tender shrugs and says that, since his job is at stake, Jenna has to leave. Ryan goes with her. They talk. Neither has eaten, so they go to a taco bell. Ryan is in law school. There is a special connection, and phone numbers are given. They go their separate ways, but not for long. They fall in love. The rest is history.
6. Insecurities: 
Her height.
7. Quirks: 
Bites her lip constantly, causing them to bleed sometimes.
8. Temperament (easygoing, easily angered, etc.): 
She’s unpredictable, but generally agreeable. 
9. Negative traits:
Disorganized, unpredictable. 
10. Things that upset him or her:
When people are hypocritical.
11. Things that embarrass him or her:
Her height.
12. This character really cares about:
Her daughter, her husband.
13. Things that make him or her happy:
Her daughter, her husband, Thai food.
14. Deepest, darkest secret:
She was seeing someone else, named Darren, when she met Ryan. He was at the bar that night, but he didn’t see her leave. She broke up with him a few weeks later.
15. Reason he or she kept this secret for so long:
She thinks it will upset Ryan, especially now that Ryan and Darren are friends. Darren does not know about the overlap either.
16. Other people's opinions of this character (What do people like about this character? What do they dislike about this character?):
Ryan thinks she is funny and intelligent, but is often distraught by her disorganization. Her parents think she is smart, but worry about her decision making. Her in-laws think she’s over energetic and not quite right for Ryan. Darren doesn’t know quite what to think of her, because of what went on between them and how quickly she cut it off.
17. Dream vacation: 
She would go to Italy and Rome, then travel to England and France, and finally top it all off with a stay in Hawaii.
18. Any pets? 
The family has a dog, Sam, that is very protective of Isabelle and Jenna. At first, it barked at Ryan, but it has decided that Ryan is also part of the family. Sam does not like strangers.
19. Best thing that has ever happened to this character: 
Meeting Ryan and giving birth to Isabelle.
  1. Worst thing that has ever happened to this character: 
Breaking it off with Darren. They were sort of good for each other, in a weird sort of way. And he was a really nice guy. They just didn’t connect in the way that she did with Ryan. He was just another boyfriend in college, while she was able to build a relationship with Ryan. She does not doubt that Ryan was the right choice, but she feels sorry for Darren, because she knows that she hurt him a lot, even if it was five years ago. 
21. Superstitions: 
Not superstitious. Thinks superstition is bogus and makes people do stupid things.
22. Three words to describe this character: 
Loving, Unpredictable, Disorganized
23. If a song played every time this character walked into the room, what song would it be?
I’m not sure, but it would be something not quite rock, but something loud and awesome. She would come into the room, here the music, jump up, and start singing her head off as Isabelle giggled and Ryan laughed from his armchair. 

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